ONVU Technologies launches new division, ONVU Retail, to transform retail experiences

ONVU Retail works with leading brands to offer deeper understanding of physical retail stores

LONDON (27th August, 2019) – After a year of testing the market in close collaboration with chosen retailers, ONVU Technologies today announced that it has officially launched its new division, ONVU Retail. ONVU Retail works with leading retailers and partners to deliver unprecedented levels of insight and business intelligence based on smart 360-degree video technology and business analytics tools.

 ONVU Technologies has appointed Nigel Ashman as President for its Retail division with the responsibility of driving the strategy and growth plans for the company.

 Mr. Ashman was hired to spearhead the drive into global retail markets by partnering with retailers to enable ONVU Retail’s video technology deliver a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and the impact it has within physical retail stores and their operational metrics. 

 He has over 30 years’ experience in retail having worked as a senior buyer for Next Plc., and then as a retail sourcing agent for a range of retailers including Boden, Boots and Jigsaw. In 2011, Mr Ashman started his own business leveraging IP video and bespoke software solutions for loss prevention to major global retail brands. 

 Working with major high street retailers to radically optimise store performance, ONVU Retail benefits from pioneering video intelligence to interpret consumer behaviour within the store environment. This enables retailers to understand their physical space and make it work better for them across layout, merchandising, staffing, marketing, health and safety, stock control, and security and loss prevention – getting results, breaking silos and unifying departments like never before.

 As Mr Ashman explained, “ONVU Retail’s solution uses intelligence and empathy to allow physical retailers to deploy the kind of insight about their stock, customers, and operational needs that online stores have generally had a better visibility on. Bricks and mortar retail does have advantages over the online world, if it is able to appreciate and leverage these insights effectively, and use them to create actionable strategies.

 Scott Brothers, Group COO, ONVU Technologies remarked, “Our Retail division is the latest addition to the ONVU Technologies company portfolio. All built on the same ethos of taking overarching challenges facing vertical markets and designing empathy led solutions to assist in alleviating those issues. Our vision in retail is for our solutions to deliver the same level of insight for footsteps in physical retail as keystrokes and Google Analytics do for e-commerce.

 About ONVU Retail

ONVU Retail, from the ONVU Technologies Group, works with retailers to optimise store performance utilising powerful video intelligence. Our holistic platform helps them to fully understand their store environments from customer behaviour to loss prevention and operational analysis to drive growth and profitability.

 Please visit: https://www.onvuretail.com/

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